Battery & Red Riding Hood

So, now we are plugging the bookmobile in every night because the battery that provides power to the generator doesn’t seem to be holding a charge.  It doesn’t seem to help to run the Battery Charger between stops.  The battery goes dead over night and the next days’ crew is stuck scrambling to get the generator started. 

Our maintenance department is trying their best to keep up with other demands that will relinquish themselves after about a month, but we really need some help with this one. 

Stories told at the latchkey:  Dog Breath by Dav Pilkey, Little Red Riding Hood by Mireille Levert, and Fat Cat by Margaret Read Macdonald.  I especially liked this version of Little Red Riding Hood, in spite of the appearance and reference to the bottle of wine that will make the ailing gramma “feel better”.  I love the illustrations — and the author did not leave out the rocks.  The rocks are a very important element in the red riding hood tale.  This wolf crossed over into the family and did damage.  There has to be some consequence for that.  The rocks empower red riding hood — and that rocks!


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