Unexpected Kindness

So, after work, and since it was Friday, my daughter and I were looking for something to do to relax.  She was cooped up all day, mending a twisted ankle that was feeling better and she really wanted to get out.  I had a few bucks in my pocket and it was a toss up between going downtown to a free concert in Cleveland, complete with fireworks and big booming 1812 overture cannons, or an Amish auction in the southwestern corner of the county.  Crowd or country. . . hmmmm. . .well, considering she was on the mend, I was swayed to go out to the auction. . . less crowds, less walking for her and we might find some nice produce to purchase.  After a ride towards the setting sun, enjoying the beautiful rolling hills, we arrived and spent most of our time, just learning how to walk together, using crutches, learning how to be together and among people with this new slowness about us.  We found beautiful varigated morning glories and wisteria to bid on, and because of our stubborness, probably paid a little too much for them.  –we just had to have them when all was said and done.  I had my eye on a peck of midget pickling cucumbers when the auctioneer mentioned that she would be auctioning an item by request.  It was a beautiful weeping cherry tree.  By the way, this auction is the only place I have ever seen classic, native trees for sale.  You know, your red oaks, silver maples . . . but I digress. . .the weeping cherry went quickly for $50.  The man who purchased it said that he wanted to donate the tree back to the auction.  The auctioneer thanked him for the donation.  The money he purchased the tree with was going to be used for one of the men who frequented the auction and had a buggy accident.  The weeping cherry went up for auction again.  Again, it went for $50 quickly.  Again, it was donated.  A third man bid and donated the weeping cherry, and then a fourth, fifth and sixth man.  Each time the tree was donated the crowd smiled and no one seemed irritated that we all stood there bidding on the same item over and over and over again.  In the end, the auction raised quite a bit for the man who had a buggy accident, and over $300 of it came from this one tree.  The act was so unexpected from this crowd of venders — on the outside they seem so ruthless about their business of buying produce for their companies — as a group they appear so hard — poker faced as they have to be — to the point of distaste — and here they were opening their hearts and wallets without hesitation.  It was a lovely thing to witness on a Friday after a week of work. 


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