Air Conditioning.

It’s Friday, and I’m delivering materials to Senior Residences today.  I can’t tell you how hot and humid it’s been the last week.  News Flash — Here is the way we take care of our elderly population in this country — and if you’re a boomer, you’d better listen up, because I’m talking about the elderly in a “nice” suburb: if you have saved for retirement, or had the good fortune to have something left by the time life has had its way with you, then you live in a stylish complex with carpeted halls and pretty displays of china cups and dolls.  Occasionally there will be art shows in your great rooms.  Your hallways are air conditioned and wall-papered.  More than likely you’ve forked over everything you’ve got and you pray every night that the place doesn’t go out of business.  On the flip side, if you have had some misfortune or simply run out of cash because of one unforseen event, you will live with no air conditioning in your hallways that aren’t wall-papered, but are painted occasionally.  You’ll have a little efficiency apartment where you feel trapped because going out into that humid hallway is just not something you want to experiment with. . .it’s heartbreaking.


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