New year, new job

I am once again on the path to newness.  A new school year.  A new job.  A new bunch of wonderful people to meet and learn from. . .

I listened to an awesome and inspiring podcast today.  The original lecture took place last May when I was scrambling for a job in a school library as yet another levy in another district failed and I found myself riffed for the second time.  This portable librarian thing — it’s becoming a lifestyle.

 The podcast can be found here:

I am inspired to challenge all educators to try “23 new things”.  But, let’s create a customized list for the teaching world, and let’s localize it for Ohio. 

Here is the list that challenges us to learn a little about all the new Web 2.0 technologies:

1.  Create a separate email for learning new Web 2.0 technologies. 

Suggestion:  sign up for an email account with Yahoo.  Go to and click on the “my mail” button in the upper left corner of the page.  Follow the directions to sign up for a mail account.  You can use your new Yahoo address to sign up for all the following services on this list. 

2.  Create a Blog for your class 


3.  If you are blogging for your class, you will want to keep track of your bookmarks.  Create a social bookmark for yourself with delicious.


4.  Create a Wiki to share with and accept contributions from others.


*Don’t forget to add your wikispace to your bookmarks.

5 & 6.  Subscribe to an RSS feed.

First, you will need to create an account with Bloginess.

This page will act as the home where you receive your RSS feeds.

Second, search for “feeds” that interest you.  I searched for libraries and subscribe to several library feeds, such as Librarian’s Index to the Internet and The Shifted Librarian.

*Keep Bloginess in your bookmarks for easy access.

7. Create a site to keep original digital images.  You can use these images to create original content & assignments for your students.  


8.  Keep track of what you read.  Create your own online bookshelf with Librarything.


9.  Podcasting:  With very little equipment, creating online “radio” shows is a blast.  See what other schools are doing:

Here is a podcasting tutorial.

Two free downloads to try at home:  Search Google for Audacity and LAME — they work together.  Audacity is recording and editing software.  LAME acts and an encoder to change the Audacity file to an MP3. 

10.  Explore My Maps on Google Maps.  Create a map for your school and add a picture of it to the map.

more to come. . .


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