Kindles in the Library

Last spring, I signed up for Whispercast with Amazon for our High School Library’s 5 Kindles.  Our Board of Education/Treasurer’s Office’s physical address, our Treasurer, and my building and position has changed.  I’m on the phone with Amazon trying to work through it because I can no longer access our Whispercast account.  I’m sure it is because of all of these changes.

I’m a big believer in using Overdrive in our K-12 Libraries.  It prepares students for what is out there when they graduate in both the real world (Public Libraries) and higher education (University Libraries). I am getting increasingly frustrated at both Barnes and Noble and Amazon.  They are not making it easy for Librarians to manage their Kindles/Nooks, etc. to access material we have purchased in digital format.  The jury is still out on Kindle’s new Whispercast for managing our Kindles.  I’ll keep updating as we go through this process.